WP Business Reviews Overview

WP Business Reviews is your all-in-one solution to embed and showcase your business reviews elegantly throughout your website. This overview provides a summary of all of the various features of WP Business Reviews so you can start using it effectively as quickly as possible.

WP Business Reviews consists of the following major features and tools that you need in order to use it effectively.


Platforms are the various sources of reviews that you can connect to with WP Business Reviews. WP Business Reviews currently supports the following Platforms:

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Collections are how individual reviews are collected into galleries for display on your website. You can create as many Collections as you like, and each individual Collection is saved as its own unique shortcode with its own unique settings and display options.

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Tags are used to apply significance to individual reviews across all Platforms. Tags can also be used to create your own custom “Tagged Collection“.

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Shortcodes are used to display your Collections anywhere throughout your website.

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The Settings page is where you control the global settings of WP Business Reviews. This includes connecting to Platforms, Advanced settings, managing your License key, and a general Help screen.

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The Overview section can be followed step-by-step. Now that you have a general overview, we suggest you start your tour learning about “Platforms“.