Tags Overview

Tags are used to apply significance to individual reviews across all Platforms. Tags can also be used to create your own custom “Tagged Collection”

Tags provide two primary purposes for your Reviews:

  1. Adding a word or phrase to your Reviews to indicate significance.
  2. Creating a custom Tagged Collection across all platforms using that tag.

There are three primary ways to create Tags:

  1. Navigate to “Reviews > Review Tags”. There you’ll see a screen very much identical to the Posts Tag screen. Creating tags here is exactly as you’d expect based on how Post Tags are created.
  2. Also from the Single Reviews screen, you can use the “Quick Edit” function directly from the Single Reviews screen to add Tags.
  3. Also from the Single Reviews screen, you can use the “Bulk Options” feature to add tags to multiple Single Reviews in Bulk.
  4. Lastly, you can navigate to “Reviews > Single Reviews”. From there you can click into any Single Review and add tags to it just like you do to Posts.

Read more about the power of “Tags” in this section.

After you’ve created your Tags, learn next how to use Single Reviews Overview to see how you can manually create individual reviews.