This is a list of frequent troubleshooting questions we get regarding WP Business Reviews, the supported platforms, API questions, compatibility questions, and more.

Why am I only getting 5 reviews for Google or 3 reviews for Yelp?

When you create your Collection, you should see a message that explains that this is a limitation of the platform itself. Google only sends 5 reviews over it's API; Yelp sends 3.

But every time you create a new Collection, you'll get latest additions to your top reviews over the platform API. which means newer Collections can bring in the existing reviews you have plus any new reviews the platform has made available over their API.

Every platform has limitations. Yelp is limited to only 3 reviews, Google is 5, and Facebook is limited to 24.

Please keep in mind that these limitations are not a result of our plugin, but the APIs themselves.

Also keep in mind that WP Business Reviews has an auto-refresh feature which allows you to automatically bring in new reviews into your existing Collections as well. You can also create single reviews manually if necessary. See our docs on that (Google Single Reviews, Yelp Single Reviews).

How do I find my Google ID?

WP Business Reviews will find your Google ID for you automatically. In rare cases that doesn't happen. Most often because your business listing does not have a physical address associated with it.

If you cannot find your Google ID using Google’s Place ID Finder, there is another way.

  1. Go to Google.com and search for your business.
  2. Find the “Write a Review” button and right click on it, then click “Inspect Element” or “Inspect.”
  3. A window will open at the bottom of your browser. On the Inspector tab, click CTRL+F to open the finder and search for “data-pid.”
  4. After that text, there will be a long string of letters and numbers inside quotation marks. That is your Google ID. You can copy/paste that string to use later.
The profile images aren't showing up in my Facebook Collections

Facebook changed the requirements for third-party sites to access user profile pictures. This resulted in profile images being expired after a certain timeframe. To address this issue, WP Business Reviews has a "cron" job that checks for missing Facebook images in your Collections once weekly and grabs the images and associates them with your Single Reviews.

Sometimes your web host or security settings or security plugin prevent that "cron" from happening. The best way to deal with that is to installed the free "WP Crontrol Plugin". Once you have that installed, you can navigate to "Tools > Cron Events" and look for the event wpbr_run_weekly_events and click on the "Run Now" link. That will force our cron to run and all your missing images will be pulled in over the course of a short amount of time.

When I try to connect to Google it says I've reached my daily quota.

The daily quota error is occurring because of a recent change in the Google Places API. Google now requires billing to be enabled in your project in order to access your reviews over the API.

We have outlined the steps to resolve this error in our documentation.