Creating Tagged Collections

Tagged Collections are unique in that they allow you to have a collection of reviews across all platforms. This article describes how that is accomplished in detail.

Tagged Collections have the same settings available as other collections. The significant difference in tagged collections than in others is the source of those collections.

Tagged collections are creating based on the reviews you generate on your site and individually label with tags. Here are the steps necessary to create a Tagged Collection:

Step 1: Add some tags to your existing reviews

Add tags via the Single Reviews overview screen or while editing a single review.

Step 2: Choose the tags you want to use to populate your Collection

Once in the “Tagged Collection” builder screen, your “Review Source” will simply be a list of your existing Tags. You can select any combination of all of your tags to populate your collection. Note however that the reviews will not be populated in the live preview area until you click on the “Apply Changes” button.

Step 3: Configure your other settings as you wish

The rest is the same as the other collections. Your tagged collections can also have any style, format, and review configuration you like.