Creating Collections

The WP Business Reviews Collection creation process provides you a live preview for easy configuration. This article will provide an overview of all the configuration options available for customizing your collections.

The WP Business Reviews Collection creation screen. This shows the Tagged Collections page before anything has been configured.

When you first create a new collection, you are greeted with a screen that displays a gallery format with placeholder images. That is the live preview area. To the right, is where your collection can be configured. The configuration sidebar has four sections:

  • Review Source
  • Presentation
  • Reviews
  • Filters

Review Source

The options here change according to what type of platform you are using. In the screenshot above, we see “Tagged Collection” as the review source. Different platforms provide different ways to select the source of reviews that can be displayed in your collection.


This is where you configure the appearance of your collection. You have the following options:

    Options: Light, Dark, Transparent
    Default: Light
    Visibility: Always visible
    This controls the background color of the collection
    Options: Carousel, Gallery, List
    Default: Gallery
    Visibility: Always visible
    This controls the general layout of your collection. Note that you can mix the Style and Format in any variety of options.
    Options: 1-999
    Default: 24
    Visibility: Always visible
    This controls how many reviews will be visible in your Gallery before pagination kicks in.

The next settings are available depending on the Format you choose

Gallery Format:

    Options: Auto Fit, 1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns, 4 columns
    Default: Auto Fit
    Visibility: Visible when “Gallery” is chosen as your Format
    This controls how many columns you want to see in your Gallery format. “Auto fit” will always fill the most available space of the container it is placed in — this is our suggested setting for most scenarios.


    Options: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 slides
    Default: 3 slides
    Visibility: Visible when “Carousel” is chosen as your Format
    This controls how many reviews you’ll see in the Carousel per “slide”.


This section controls the appearance of the individual reviews. Simple check the checkbox to display the element in the individual reviews, or uncheck it to remove the element. You’ll see the changes happen in your reviews live.

Review Components

  • Reviewer Image — the profile image of the person who left the review (if available)
  • Reviewer Name — the name of the person who left the review
  • Star Rating — the number of star the reviewer gave in their review
  • Timestamp — the exact date that the review was given
  • Platform Icon — the icon of the Platform where the review was given.
  • Review Content — the text of the review (if provided)

Maximum Characters

This controls the maximum characters that are displayed within all the reviews of this collection before a “Read more…” link is applied. Making this a smaller number does not delete or remove the actual characters in any way.

Line Breaks

Some reviews might be lengthy and the reviewer may have written full paragraphs. This enables or disables support for line breaks in the text of the review.


Filters provide a way to restrict which reviews you show within this collection.

    Options: No minimum rating, 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars
    Default: No minimum rating
    This allows you to exclude reviews that provided less stars than the minimum you choose.

Keep in mind that if your platform only provides a fixed number of reviews, filtering those reviews may result in having less or even no reviews available for your collection.

    Options: Include reviews without text, Exclude reviews without text
    Default: Include reviews without text
    Some platforms allow you to leave a rating without any words at all. This setting allows you to include or exclude those types of reviews.