Modern Word-of-Mouth Marketing is Digital

Online reviews are the modern day word-of-mouth marketing. Where people used to get together for coffee, cocktails, or to watch their children at the park, modern families are now either single-parent families, or dual income, and time for chatting just doesn’t happen.

Think of online reviews as crowdsourced information.

In today’s world (especially in light of the last year and a half of pandemic) much, if not most, of business services are found, researched, and even completed online. It’s not enough to take out an ad in a paper or buy time on local radio stations. People want to find you online, learn about your offerings, and (most importantly) find out what others think about you online, too.

That’s where reviews come in.

There are two primary ways that people get information online: they seek reviews or they ask their friends on social media. Both of these help you attract new customers.

Here are some tips:

Solicit reviews from your customers in as many places as possible.

  • Make sure you have claimed your Google Business listing, Yelp listing, Facebook page and other social sites, so that you can control what customers (and potential customers) see when they visit those platforms. How you appear in those locations can make or break the impression that a customer sees right before they leave a review.
  • Set up your social platforms with friendly language and good images.
  • Create a feedback form on your website to collect reviews.
  • Invite customers to leave reviews for you through social media.
  • In receipts, newsletters, and follow-up emails, encourage your customers to leave a 5-star review.

Monitor platforms for your brand.

  • Reply to every review on any platform. Whether it’s Facebook, Yelp, Google Business, TrustPilot or another location. People feel better when they know they’re being heard and not just shouting into cyberspace.
  • Don’t just reply to the good reviews – reply to the bad ones, too. Acknowledge, respond, and act accordingly.
  • Listen on every social platform for your brand. Search Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms for mentions of your brand and your products or services. Is someone saying nice things? Reply and ask for a review (or for permission to use their post on your site). Are they saying negative things? Respond and try to improve the situation. Brands that seek to do better and be better are seen in better light by all.

Display your best word-of-mouth reviews.

No matter where you find mentions of your brand, you can use WP Business Reviews to display and link back to them on your website. The best part is that they can be used alongside your best reviews from places like Yelp, Facebook, and more.

And remember…

All reviews are good information. You don’t have to display negative reviews on your website, but feedback in all forms helps you understand your customers’ needs, and gives you an opportunity to interact and make things better.

WP Business Reviews can help you display your best digital word-of-mouth reviews from any website. Try it today!

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