WP Business Reviews Version 1.2.1 Release Notes

1.2.1 Release - Featured Image

WP Business Reviews version 1.2.1 is a patch release that improves user experience, internationalization, and compatibility with the Facebook review platform.

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  • Update the URL format of Facebook reviewer images in response to a recent change in the Facebook Open Graph API. This new URL format will restore Facebook reviewer images and prevent empty blank spaces in reviews.
  • Going forward, refresh Facebook reviewer images over time through a regularly scheduled background process in order to prevent images from expiring in the future.


  • Fix scrolling irregularity in carousel navigation that was caused by passing string values instead of integers when calculating number of slides.
  • Ensure all review strings are translatable, including “via,” “Read more,” and “recommends” (as seen in Facebook recommendations).
  • Use the date format from WordPress settings when rendering the review date.
  • Restore Facebook reviewer images through a brief background process immediately after updating.
  • Ensure a placeholder reviewer image is displayed if the provided image URL does not return a valid image for any reason.
  • Clarify OAuth errors returned by Facebook so that user is directed to reconnect to Facebook as a potential resolution.
  • When editing media, ensure the “Edit more details” link is not redirected to the collection builder screen, resulting in a fatal error.
  • Remove overreaching CSS ruleset from Hint.css tooltips that was causing pseudo-elements in some plugins such as Shortcodes Ultimate to be hidden.
  • Improve consistency of font sizes in reviews across all themes.


  • Remove the date-fns JavaScript dependency since the review date is now determined in PHP using the WordPress date format.

Up Next

With version 1.2.1 released, we are turning our attention back to a huge feature that is already in developmentā€”the automatic refreshing of reviews. We know how important it is to display new reviews and grow your collections over time, and this feature aims to do exactly that. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting feature as development continues.

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