Google Reviews

Google Reviews allows you to display business profiles and reviews for one or many companies on your website or blog.

How-to Connect your Google Platform

Connecting to Google to retrieve your Reviews requires a Google Places API key. That is done here.

Follow our detailed walkthrough for more details on creating your Google Places API key.


Features of the Google Places API

Google only allows serving reviews via the Google Places API. That necessarily means there are some limitations. Keep in mind the following:

  • Google only serves 5 reviews total over their API.
  • The order they provide those 5 reviews is fixed and is custom according to what Google considers to be the “Most Relevant” to your business.
  • Google limits the number of requests to the Places API before you start to need to pay for access. This will not impact 99.9% of all WP Business Reviews users because calls to the API are only done manually during the Collection creation process, and the current limits are 150,000/day by default. You can review your API project’s quota here.

Restrictions of the Google Places API

As of July 16th, 2018, Google requires users to enable billing before accessing the Google Places API.

Enabling billing on the Google Cloud Platform should not result in any actual charges, however it is required in order to access your reviews over the API. To enable billing, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the following link to enable billing on the Google Cloud Platform:
  2. Select the project in which you created the API key.
  3. Click “Create Billing Account.”
  4. Enable billing by completing the Google Cloud Platform form.
  5. After completion, return to WP Business Reviews Settings and re-save your API key.
  6. Confirm that the Platform Status field now reads “Connected.”

NOTE: Existing Billing Accounts Must Still Be Applied to Projects
If you already have Billing connected to your Google account, you will still need to apply that Billing account to the API Project where your Places API key is generated.

Adding Single Google Reviews

The Reviews that you don’t get over the API, you can add manually as Single Reviews.